Why A Support System Is So Important?

Thrive 24hr Fitness in Brookhaven, GA, may be a different type of gym, but that doesn’t mean we ignore tried and true fitness evidence and years of study. One of those beliefs that’s been proven is the benefit of a support system. It’s one reason we suggest people have a workout buddy. A workout buddy provides accountability. Just like meeting with a personal trainer, you’ll have an appointment to meet with a person and be more likely to go. You’ll also have someone to share successes and failures with who truly understands.

Are you trying to shed weight or just stick with a workout program?

If you don’t have a workout buddy, try an alternative. The key is to make yourself accountable and get support. Family and friends can help. Choose wisely. Make it someone you trust that will be honest with you. You don’t want someone that continuously shames and berates you when you fall off the healthy eating or exercise wagon, but want someone that provides encouragement who believes you can succeed.

The type of support you need will dictate the who will be your support system.

Some people just need a word of encouragement when they’re feeling discouraged. We all have that optimist in our life who sees the best in everyone and can make you feel hopeful even when everything looks bleak. Maybe you just need help with the logistics, like someone to take care of the kids or a ride to the gym. A workout buddy can provide the inspiration you need when you don’t feel motivated. A support system can also include professionals, such as physician, nutritionist or personal trainer.

Not every family member or friend will be supportive.

No matter what your fitness goal, if you achieve it, it will change how you look and sometimes the dynamics of a relationship. Some life partners or friends are threatened by that. You may find they try to sabotage your plans. You have to find a way to support them and reassure them that your feelings won’t change or simply not say anything. For those you chose as your support system, provide a specific way they can help.

  • At Thrive 24hr Fitness, we know that everyone has a busy schedule and normal gym hours may not fit into their schedules. We provide support in that area with a gym that works with you and your busy life.
  • Make sure you touch bases with your support if it’s a friend. Be honest with them if you fall off the wagon. If it’s a spouse, get them to join you on your journey and become your workout partner or help with a healthy menu.
  • The more the merrier. You might have more than one friend who wants to share your journey or several family members. Get a group together to come to the gym or plan healthy meals. Add a few incentives, like recognizing when someone reaches and important goal.
  • Don’t overlook children as your support. Kids love helping mom and dad, especially when they can help them stick to the rules.

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