Should I Cut Out All Snacking?

Your mom probably told you not to snack before dinner or that you needed to cut out all snacking to lose weight or improve your health. That’s just not true. What you snack on and when you snack, however, does make a huge difference in both. Grabbing some gas station nachos or candy isn’t necessarily healthy, for a number of reasons. Eating a candy bar right before a meal can dull your appetite for healthy food and fill it with sugar and empty calories.

Planning healthy snacks actually can aid weight loss and boost your health.

You may not need to eat a snack between meals, but when you do, you’ll find your mom was right. You won’t be as hungry for supper. If you’ve ever been ravenous at meal time and gobbled everything down fast, only to feel overly full and bloated afterward, you know you’ve overeaten. Having a snack a few hours earlier could have helped. If you plan a snack, you won’t be as prone to grab an unhealthy snack, filled with empty calories and lots of sugar.

Healthy snacks help prevent brain fog.

Who hasn’t felt wiped out in the afternoon? It’s pretty common and the way most people treat that washed out feeling is to grab a candy bar, a donut or other snack after work. Plan ahead and have a healthy snack, like an apple, a bag of nuts or even an individual pack of tuna. Unlike sugary treats, healthy snacks do more than fill your belly and give you energy. The omega3 in walnuts and tuna can improve your blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and fight off mental conditions like depression or ADHD.

Reduce the risk of insulin resistance and diabetes with a healthy snack.

Foods that aren’t high in added sugar help prevent a quick rise in blood sugar levels and increased levels of insulin, which can lead to insulin resistance, a precursor of diabetes. When you plan ahead, eat smaller meals and have snacks ready, you can help maintain blood sugar levels. Spacing meals also ensures your body will have a steady stream of nutrients and energy. It can prevent starvation mode that slows metabolism and makes weight loss more difficult.

  • What is a good healthy snack that’s easy to transport? Not everyone has the options of having a refrigerator available when they want to snack. Foods that are easy to transport include individual size bags of nuts or fresh fruit, like a banana or apple.
  • You’re better off making your own snacks to control the ingredients. If you purchase options, like a trail mix, chances are, it will have chocolate bits or M&Ms in it. Make sure you watch portion control.
  • Choosing good combinations snacks, like vegetables and cheese or nut butter and fruit, can actually help you feel fuller than chips or traditional snack food. One study showed that people felt full and ate up to 72% fewer calories before feeling full eating the healthier protein/carb combinations.
  • Snacking has other benefits. It can help lower cholesterol, LDL and triglyceride levels. It also helps lower insulin and blood sugar levels.

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