Ever Tried Jump Rope As Exercise?

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most beneficial when it comes to exercise. Why do people get fit? They do it for a number of reasons, but one important one is to live a fuller, happier life. That means being more active on a daily basis. Exercise should be part of your daily life, whether in the gym or not and when you use a jump rope as exercise equipment, you can do that. Whether you include jump rope exercises in your regular gym routine or just have fun with the kids, it can be a valuable tool.

Burn tons of calories when you jump rope.

If you’ve ever jumped rope as an adult, you know that just a few minutes can be extremely wearing, even if you’re fit. It’s one of the reasons it’s a popular workout for boxers in training for their next bout. Just moderately jumping, it burns about 16 calories every minute, so doing ten minutes when you have time can burn 160 calories. Add it to your workout for a calorie torcher and endurance exercise.

Jumping rope improves balance and agility.

Cardio isn’t the only thing jumping rope improves. They need agility and balance. Jumping rope helps train your body to work in unison and aids in improving your balance. As you jump, you’re landing on the balls of your feet and your brain has to learn to make adjustments. It makes you quicker and improves your coordination.

Not only will the improved circulation boost your brain power, jumping rope helps in other ways.

Exercise is important for your brain, especially ones that require rhythm and a variety of movements. Like dancing, jumping rope gives your brain a big boost. It helps build new neuropathways and improves communications between the wrists, arms, lower legs and brain. That can boost cognitive functioning and provides important benefits, particularly as you age. The improved circulation brings oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body, including the brain.

  • Jumping rope for ten minutes a day provides as much cardio benefit as thirty minutes of jogging. You can do it in the privacy of your home any time of the day. If done properly, it’s also low impact.
  • You can modify your jumps to work all the muscles on different planes. Jump with both feet, try one foot at a time or criss-cross the rope to keep it interesting and fun. There’s always a new way to challenge yourself.
  • When you jump rope, you increase elasticity of your lower leg muscles, which helps reduce the potential for injury.
  • Jump ropes are inexpensive, easy to store and travel well when you’re on vacation. You can turn a jump rope workout to a high intensity interval training session for even more benefits.

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