Create A Weekly Schedule For Workouts

In order to maximize your workout time, knowing what you’re going to do that day is important. Having a weekly schedule for workouts helps you in that way, but it also ensures you address all types of fitness and helps you get maximum results. Clients who work with a personal trainer in Brookhaven, GA, let their trainers handle the details, but you’re not using a trainer, the job is yours.

Just going from one machine to another and recording reps is efficient, but is it enough.

Using just machines for your workout eliminates a lot of the exercises that work well. It also eliminates a variety of exercises and exercise methods you could be using. You need to vary your workout, but if you aren’t tracking what you’re doing, you’ll be more likely to stick with one routine. The body contains over 600 muscles and to be your fittest, you need to work them all and work each one on all possible planes. If you don’t track your workout and plan for the next, the potential of doing that is small.

You’ll spend far less time when you plan your workouts.

Sure, it takes a few minutes to put everything in your phone, write down your plan or send yourself an email with your workout plan, but it’s worth it. Many people in the gym create a workout plan for the week, and they get results. People who come in, winging it or having just one type of workout, like using the stationary bike or treadmill, often quit. Why? Because the results they get come slower and that’s disappointing. It can crush your motivation.

Avoid plateauing and injury when you plan.

Overworking a muscle group can lead to injury. If you fail to plan, odds are you’ll be doing the same exercise repeatedly and the potential is there. Stress fractures are real and can put you out of commission for months. Not only do you face the potential of injury if you do the same workout repeatedly, you also face the potential of plateauing. The body becomes efficient the more you do specific moves. That means you burn fewer calories, which can slow your weight loss.

  • When you plan your workout, it assures you’ll work on all types of fitness, endurance, flexibility, strength and balance. While strength training is great, there’s a potential for injury if you aren’t flexible enough.
  • Your workout plan should include planning when you’re going to workout. By scheduling your workout, you’re making an appointment with the yourself and will be more apt to stick with the plan.
  • You can make your exercise time fun by including more than just gym time in your workout schedule. Exercise doesn’t have to be in the gym. It could be hiking, bike riding or dancing.
  • Creating a workout schedule can include number of reps and level of intensity. Winners keep track and you’ll be a winner when you know when to increase either one or both. It’s also quite motivating to see your progress.

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