Best Things To Eat Before A Workout

If you want to perform better and maximize your benefits, you should eat before a workout. What you eat can make a difference and so can the intensity of your workout. Are you working out hard and pushing yourself to the limit? You need more energy than you would for a moderate run or flexibility training. Focusing on the right food to eat will help you maximize your benefits. Timing your meal or snack is also just as important.

Whether it’s just a protein shake or a PB&J, it helps boost your energy and more.

Your workout meal/snack, should have carbohydrates to provide energy. It should have vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that can improve your focus, help with recovery, provide the right fuel for muscle repair or growth and prevent the breakdown of muscles as you workout. If you don’t have adequate fuel for the workout, your body will breakdown both fat and muscle to get it

Time your workout based on the time of day you workout and what you eat.

If you’re working out in the morning, you probably don’t have a lot of time to eat earlier, so you’ll be eating an hour or less before you exercise. Plan to eat a light snack that contains both protein and carbs with a small amount of healthy fat. If you workout later in the day, you can potentially eat 2 to 4 hours before you workout. It can be a full meal, which is also a mix of carbohydrates for energy and protein to help muscle recovery.

Some examples of preworkout snacks can be as simple as fruit and yogurt.

The carbohydrates provide energy, so if you’re doing strength training or an intense workout like HIIT, make sure you choose food dense in carbohydrates, such as oatmeal and fruit, nut butter and bananas or a granola bar. Are you working on building muscles, lean more toward a protein rich snack or meal. Have scrambled eggs and a slice of whole grain toast. Choose a protein bar over a granola bar for the extra protein. Make sure you get some healthy fat in your snack or meal, but not too much. It can come from nuts.

  • Women require more iron and calcium in their preworkout snack. Focus on adding cheese, yogurt or milk for the calcium and you can get iron from pumpkin, beef or dark chocolate.
  • If you’re working out later in the day, your meal can be your preworkout, you don’t have to opt for a snack. If you’re exercising at three, eat a lunch that’s suitable for your workout later in the day, as long as it’s within a four-hour window.
  • Eating before a workout will boost your performance and improve the state of your body for building muscles. It can help you maintain lean muscle mass and reduce the potential of body fat.
  • Some combinations that help burn fat and build muscle include oatmeal, fruit and low-fat milk, tuna and brown rice and ground turkey and black beans.

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