Could Sugar Be Ruining Your Health?

Could Sugar Be Ruining Your Health?

At Thrive 24hr Fitness in Brookhaven, GA, we create individualized plans of action to help you become your healthiest. Exercise is one important part of that training, but so is adequate nutrition. Each person is different, so the plans are tailored to individual needs. However, there are also general dietary facts that are universally true, like foods with added sugar could be ruining your health. Sugar is in almost every type of processed food, including baby food. Sugar in fruits and vegetables enter the system more slowly because of the fiber in the food. They don’t have the same impact on the body as those with added sugar and contain healthy nutrients to boost health and metabolism.

We may be programmed to love that sweet taste.

There’s still much to learn about how the body functions. Anthropologist are focusing on the evolution of the brain and dietary habits. Some believe that early man innately realized that foods that tasted sweet like fruits and some vegetables were safe to eat, and the body adapted that love for survival. Studies on the brains of pigs, which are similar to humans, show that just 12-days of planned sugar intake made changes in the brain’s dopamine and opioid delivery system. It only took one dose of sugar to make the opioid system active. That system is the reward center of the brain. Just like other triggers to the area, the more you have, the more you want.

Just because it’s natural, it doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Even though raw honey, one of the healthier forms of sugar, has benefits for the heart and aids in wound healing, like other types of sugar, eating too much isn’t healthy. No matter whether the sugar is natural or altered by manufacturers, foods with added sugar aren’t good for your health. Foods with added sugar increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, diminish the effectiveness of your immune system and accelerate aging.

Some forms of sugar are even worse than others.

HFCS, a combination glucose and fructose, of is one of the hardest on your body. Not only can it cause heart disease, damage to the stomach lining, dementia, diabetes and fatty liver disease, it creates metabolic problems. It confuses the body and does trigger satiety hormones, so blunts your body’s ability to feel full and you eat far more than you would otherwise.

  • The more sugar you eat, the more you want. It blunts the sweetness taste buds, so you need more for the sweet taste. Food that has added sugar often don’t taste sweet because of that.
  • Dental cavities have always been a problem faced by eating too much sugar. People also associate obesity and diabetes with high intakes of sugar. It’s just as bad as salt if you have high blood pressure, too.
  • Sugar combines with protein in your body during glycation. It forms a new molecule called advanced glycation end products—AGEs. They attack collagen and elastin that keep your skin firm and cause premature aging.
  • Insulin resistance is a forerunner of diabetes. It also may be responsible for the accumulation of belly fat. Too much sugar can cause that. A healthy diet and regular exercise can reverse the problem.

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Is Hormone Imbalance Causing Weight Gain?

Is Hormone Imbalance Causing Weight Gain?

If you find you’re struggling with weight gain, even though you don’t feel like you’re eating more, it may be hormone imbalance that’s causing the problem. That doesn’t mean that you can’t lose weight, just that you have to make some changes to rebalance your hormones and get back on track to a healthier lifestyle. You can take control many of the factors by making a few changes.

The problem can come from several different hormones.

You might immediately think of estrogen, progesterone or testosterone when you hear the words hormones, but there are so many others. Hormones are messengers that trigger reactions in our bodies. While sex hormones play a big role, so do hormones created in your thyroid gland, insulin and the hunger/satiety hormones, to name a few. One way to control the hunger satiety hormones is to get more sleep. Lack of sleep boosts the amount of ghrelin—the hunger hormone and diminishes the amount of leptin—the satiety hormone.

Insulin is a hormone that controls your blood sugar levels.

Most people understand that diabetes is the body’s inability to make or use insulin properly, but don’t understand how that occurs in type 2 diabetes. Insulin opens up the cells, allowing them to intake the glucose in the blood for energy. If you chronically have high levels of insulin due to high levels blood sugar levels, overtime, it can create insulin resistance that can lead to type 2 diabetes. Exercise and a healthy diet that eliminates added sugar is the best way to get back to normal.

Sex hormones may get out of balance as you get older.

During menopause, that balance can get out of whack, causing a wide variety of problems. While estrogen does drop, weight gain normally comes from too much estrogen, or an estrogen dominance, which can occur because all hormones are dropping at that time. A dominance of any of these hormones affects not only weight gain, but where the weight is distributed on the body. Eating more fiber and drinking more water can help. It aids in eliminating waste so the estrogen leaving your body via waste, isn’t reabsorbed. Increasing crucifers in your diet also helps.

Stress can cause a lot of hormonal imbalances.

Stress hormones, such as cortisol, can cause the accumulation of abdominal fat. How do you deal with stress? Exercise is one of the best ways, and another is meditation. Exercise burns off stress hormones and resets your body back to normal. Strength-building workouts are the best type to help normalize your body. Mild cardio even helps. Walking is probably the simplest technique to use that almost anyone can do. Meditation, deep breathing and other relaxation techniques can help stop the problem before it gets out of hand.

  • A well rounded diet is important. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables in a rainbow of colors. Make sure you have healthy fat in your diet and consume less red meat to help balance your hormones. Cutting back on red meat also helps.
  • Increasing the amount of HGH—human growth hormone—makes a difference. HIIT—high intensity interval training—plus a healthy diet can make the difference by increasing the HGH.
  • Not only do the hunger/satiety hormones get out of whack if you don’t have enough sleep, so do other hormones. The body regulates hormones during sleep.
  • Consider supplements. Vitamin D3, omega-3, magnesium, vitamin C and B vitamins are also important for balancing hormones. Drinking three or more cups of green tea daily has also proven beneficial for menopausal women to help with weight gain and hot flashes.

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The Importance Of Regular Routines

The Importance Of Regular Routines

If you’re a client that works with a trainer at Thrive 24hr Fitness in Brookhaven, GA, you already know they stress the importance of regular routines. Consistency is always the key to getting fit. When you workout may not seem significant, but it is. It’s not about the actual time of day you workout, it’s about doing it at the same time every day. Small factors like working out at a certain time each day become of your daily routine and when it’s part of your routine, you’ll be more likely to continue working out.

Putting your workout time in your daily planner and making it an appointment helps.

Most people are rushed during the day and there’s always something that occurs that deters plans. However, if you have a specific appointment with someone, such as a doctor’s appointment, you’ll be more likely to go and make the time. You need to think the same way of your workout. It’s important and can help prevent chronic doctor’s visits later.

Focus more on attending your session than the results you see.

It takes time to see results from regular workouts and if you’re just focusing on getting results, you’ll be discouraged immediately. Set a routine for working out and focus on sticking with it. After you’ve established a routine, which can take anywhere from 10 weeks to a few months for it to become a habit, then turn your attention to the gains you’ve made. It doesn’t mean you ignore results, but just getting to the gym and doing your best at each session should be your real goal the first few months.

If you’re having a problem sticking with a regular routine, get a workout partner.

Your workout partner can be a friend, a family member or even a personal trainer. It just has to be someone dedicated to working out at the same time every day. A workout partner, no matter who it is, keeps you accountable and studies show that can increase the chances of success considerably. Workout buddies and trainers also can push you harder and make it more likely you’ll be working your hardest. The excuses you use to avoid working out don’t sound nearly as valid when they’re said out loud.

  • Getting into the routine of eating healthy is also important. Making healthy snacks part of it should also be a goal. Focus on having healthy snacks available and avoid grabbing a quick snack from a vending machine or gas station counter.
  • Tracking your progress can help. Create a chart for each day and put what you’ve accomplished at that workout after you’ve finished. It will give you a guide and show you how your endurance and strength has improved, while adding to consistency.
  • You’ll lose a lot of your gains if you only sporadically workout. Skipping several days in a row can put you back to where you started. You’ll also be more likely to overdo it when you do go back to exercising.
  • Make it a habit to lay out your workout clothes the night before in the same spot as you put your phone. If you already have your clothes ready and with you, it’s one less reason to skip your appointment with exercise.

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Do Probiotics Really Work?

Do Probiotics Really Work?

You’re never alone. You have millions of microbes in your body that are always with you. Some live on your skin, while others live in the gut and other places. These tiny organisms can be bacteria, fungi or other minuscule creatures like archaea. Some are necessary for your body to function and others may not be. There’s a delicate balance that’s necessary, since some of the bacteria is necessary to digest food and to keep you healthy. A lot of things can reduce the population of beneficial bacteria, such as antibiotics, which kills both bad and good bacteria. That’s when people turn to probiotics to replenish the population of beneficial microbes.

Beneficial bacteria do so much for your body, so lack of them can create a wide variety of symptoms.

Each bacterium or microbe has a different job. In fact, there are some nasty bacteria that cause severe disease that live in the gut of healthy people. Scientists still don’t know how the body benefits from them. Some bacteria help with digestion, send messages to the brain to help the body function and even may control your mood. Different microbes affect different bodily functions and live symbiotically with the body, gaining their nutrition, while providing a service to us. They play a role in metabolism, immunity, mental health and almost every aspect of the body’s functioning.

You can repopulate your bacteria a number of ways.

When you were first born, you had some bacteria from your mother’s body and that grew as you passed through the birth canal or was fed mother’s milk. Other things affected the growth of friendly bacteria, such as medication or your diet. People who eat more soluble fiber tend to have a better quality and number of beneficial microbes. The fiber in your diet is called a prebiotic, meaning it feeds the bacteria to help build the population. Lack of physical exercise, too much alcohol and other bad habits can deplete the population, too.

Not all probiotics are pills.

You can take probiotics in pill form or use whole food, like yogurt, sauerkraut or kefir. Initially scientists wondered whether the microbes survive the stomach acid during digestion. To bypass the acid, manufacturers encapsulated them with a coating that would allow them to make it to the intestines. However, taking them with a meal, just before you eat or with food that contains fat, helps ensure they survive. If you use food with probiotics, such as yogurt, the microbes are protected by the milk product.

  • Probiotics may help you lose weight if part of the problem is from bacterial imbalances. However, some probiotics may actually cause weight gain. The key is knowing what you need. It’s also a good reason to stick with using whole foods for microbe repopulation.
  • People with a compromised immune system, those in immune suppression therapy, and people with SIBO—small intestinal bacterial overgrowth—should avoid probiotics. Always check with your physician.
  • If you’re going to take a probiotic supplement in pill form, make sure it has at least ten billion live bacteria and a broad spectrum of beneficial microbes. While you’re taking the supplements, increase your soluble fiber, such black beans, broccoli, apples and carrots to feed the new visitors.
  • Stress can kill beneficial bacteria, so when you’re under stress or know you will be, like a few weeks before a vacation, eat yogurt and other probiotic foods to build your immune system.

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Best Carb Alternatives

Best Carb Alternatives

Gaining weight has nothing to do with how big your portions are, whether you’re counting calories or carbs. It’s about what you eat. If you eat a small serving of cake, you’ll get more carbs and calories than you would from a huge bowl of salad. Finding ways to cut your calories or carbs without feeling deprived can help you make lifestyle changes that will help you lose weight and keep weight off permanently. Here are some carb alternatives to get you started.

If you like trail mix, don’t opt for the mix at the store.

Unless you find a truly healthy option that has mostly nuts and some dried fruit, most trail mix has M&M’s or other bits of candy that can increase carb counts substantially. You can save money and reduce your carb count by making your own. You need bulk nuts, seeds and some dried fruit. Make sure the dried fruit you purchase doesn’t have added sugar by reading the label. Craisins for instance, contains added sugar and so do many raisins. Add the dried fruit sparingly and put into individual serving size plastic bags.

More snacks or meal compliments.

If you love buffalo wings, you’ll love the snack of buffalo wing stuffed celery that uses leftovers. Use 2 cups of shredded leftover chicken, whether it’s air fried, rotisserie or cooked other low carb way. Combine it with ¼ C mayonnaise, ¼ tsp salt, ¼ tsp black pepper, ½ tsp garlic powder and 3 T buffalo wing sauce. Cut 6 celery stalks in half and stuff them with the mixture. Put chopped chives on top if you choose. It has 1.2 grams of carbs, but is far more filling than 1 Hershey’s Krackle miniature, but has less than half the calories and about 1/25th the number of carbs.

Choose veggies that are lower in carbs.

Root vegetables are normally higher in carbohydrates, so avoid them and focus on those veggies that grow above the soil line. Green leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce and kale are on the all-you can eat menu, since they’re so low in carbs. Start your meal with a salad. Try some raw Brussel’s sprouts cut up in the salad and a few seeds, like pumpkin seeds. Use a lettuce leaf for a wrap instead of a tortilla to save even more carbs at a meal.

  • Substitute veggie noodles for pasta. You can make zoodles with a spiralizer or purchase frozen veggie noodles at the store. Why not try spaghetti made by Mother Nature by using a spaghetti squash to replace the pasta.
  • Replace buns with large roasted portobello mushrooms. You can use them for anything that requires a bun and is low carb. Roasted eggplant is also a good substitute for the bread in bruschetta, too.
  • You can make old favorites, like fries, from other veggies that are lower in carbs. Instead of baked sweet potato fries, try carrot fries, lower in carbs but with the same delicious flavor.
  • Do you miss mashed potatoes? You can have much of the same taste and consistency of mashed potatoes with mashed cauliflower. If you’re not ready to completely give up potatoes, go half potatoes and half cauliflower. It will still be far lower in carbs.

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Why A Support System Is So Important?

Why A Support System Is So Important?

Thrive 24hr Fitness in Brookhaven, GA, may be a different type of gym, but that doesn’t mean we ignore tried and true fitness evidence and years of study. One of those beliefs that’s been proven is the benefit of a support system. It’s one reason we suggest people have a workout buddy. A workout buddy provides accountability. Just like meeting with a personal trainer, you’ll have an appointment to meet with a person and be more likely to go. You’ll also have someone to share successes and failures with who truly understands.

Are you trying to shed weight or just stick with a workout program?

If you don’t have a workout buddy, try an alternative. The key is to make yourself accountable and get support. Family and friends can help. Choose wisely. Make it someone you trust that will be honest with you. You don’t want someone that continuously shames and berates you when you fall off the healthy eating or exercise wagon, but want someone that provides encouragement who believes you can succeed.

The type of support you need will dictate the who will be your support system.

Some people just need a word of encouragement when they’re feeling discouraged. We all have that optimist in our life who sees the best in everyone and can make you feel hopeful even when everything looks bleak. Maybe you just need help with the logistics, like someone to take care of the kids or a ride to the gym. A workout buddy can provide the inspiration you need when you don’t feel motivated. A support system can also include professionals, such as physician, nutritionist or personal trainer.

Not every family member or friend will be supportive.

No matter what your fitness goal, if you achieve it, it will change how you look and sometimes the dynamics of a relationship. Some life partners or friends are threatened by that. You may find they try to sabotage your plans. You have to find a way to support them and reassure them that your feelings won’t change or simply not say anything. For those you chose as your support system, provide a specific way they can help.

  • At Thrive 24hr Fitness, we know that everyone has a busy schedule and normal gym hours may not fit into their schedules. We provide support in that area with a gym that works with you and your busy life.
  • Make sure you touch bases with your support if it’s a friend. Be honest with them if you fall off the wagon. If it’s a spouse, get them to join you on your journey and become your workout partner or help with a healthy menu.
  • The more the merrier. You might have more than one friend who wants to share your journey or several family members. Get a group together to come to the gym or plan healthy meals. Add a few incentives, like recognizing when someone reaches and important goal.
  • Don’t overlook children as your support. Kids love helping mom and dad, especially when they can help them stick to the rules.

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Best Things To Eat Before A Workout

Best Things To Eat Before A Workout

If you want to perform better and maximize your benefits, you should eat before a workout. What you eat can make a difference and so can the intensity of your workout. Are you working out hard and pushing yourself to the limit? You need more energy than you would for a moderate run or flexibility training. Focusing on the right food to eat will help you maximize your benefits. Timing your meal or snack is also just as important.

Whether it’s just a protein shake or a PB&J, it helps boost your energy and more.

Your workout meal/snack, should have carbohydrates to provide energy. It should have vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that can improve your focus, help with recovery, provide the right fuel for muscle repair or growth and prevent the breakdown of muscles as you workout. If you don’t have adequate fuel for the workout, your body will breakdown both fat and muscle to get it

Time your workout based on the time of day you workout and what you eat.

If you’re working out in the morning, you probably don’t have a lot of time to eat earlier, so you’ll be eating an hour or less before you exercise. Plan to eat a light snack that contains both protein and carbs with a small amount of healthy fat. If you workout later in the day, you can potentially eat 2 to 4 hours before you workout. It can be a full meal, which is also a mix of carbohydrates for energy and protein to help muscle recovery.

Some examples of preworkout snacks can be as simple as fruit and yogurt.

The carbohydrates provide energy, so if you’re doing strength training or an intense workout like HIIT, make sure you choose food dense in carbohydrates, such as oatmeal and fruit, nut butter and bananas or a granola bar. Are you working on building muscles, lean more toward a protein rich snack or meal. Have scrambled eggs and a slice of whole grain toast. Choose a protein bar over a granola bar for the extra protein. Make sure you get some healthy fat in your snack or meal, but not too much. It can come from nuts.

  • Women require more iron and calcium in their preworkout snack. Focus on adding cheese, yogurt or milk for the calcium and you can get iron from pumpkin, beef or dark chocolate.
  • If you’re working out later in the day, your meal can be your preworkout, you don’t have to opt for a snack. If you’re exercising at three, eat a lunch that’s suitable for your workout later in the day, as long as it’s within a four-hour window.
  • Eating before a workout will boost your performance and improve the state of your body for building muscles. It can help you maintain lean muscle mass and reduce the potential of body fat.
  • Some combinations that help burn fat and build muscle include oatmeal, fruit and low-fat milk, tuna and brown rice and ground turkey and black beans.

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Should I Cut Out All Snacking?

Should I Cut Out All Snacking?

Your mom probably told you not to snack before dinner or that you needed to cut out all snacking to lose weight or improve your health. That’s just not true. What you snack on and when you snack, however, does make a huge difference in both. Grabbing some gas station nachos or candy isn’t necessarily healthy, for a number of reasons. Eating a candy bar right before a meal can dull your appetite for healthy food and fill it with sugar and empty calories.

Planning healthy snacks actually can aid weight loss and boost your health.

You may not need to eat a snack between meals, but when you do, you’ll find your mom was right. You won’t be as hungry for supper. If you’ve ever been ravenous at meal time and gobbled everything down fast, only to feel overly full and bloated afterward, you know you’ve overeaten. Having a snack a few hours earlier could have helped. If you plan a snack, you won’t be as prone to grab an unhealthy snack, filled with empty calories and lots of sugar.

Healthy snacks help prevent brain fog.

Who hasn’t felt wiped out in the afternoon? It’s pretty common and the way most people treat that washed out feeling is to grab a candy bar, a donut or other snack after work. Plan ahead and have a healthy snack, like an apple, a bag of nuts or even an individual pack of tuna. Unlike sugary treats, healthy snacks do more than fill your belly and give you energy. The omega3 in walnuts and tuna can improve your blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and fight off mental conditions like depression or ADHD.

Reduce the risk of insulin resistance and diabetes with a healthy snack.

Foods that aren’t high in added sugar help prevent a quick rise in blood sugar levels and increased levels of insulin, which can lead to insulin resistance, a precursor of diabetes. When you plan ahead, eat smaller meals and have snacks ready, you can help maintain blood sugar levels. Spacing meals also ensures your body will have a steady stream of nutrients and energy. It can prevent starvation mode that slows metabolism and makes weight loss more difficult.

  • What is a good healthy snack that’s easy to transport? Not everyone has the options of having a refrigerator available when they want to snack. Foods that are easy to transport include individual size bags of nuts or fresh fruit, like a banana or apple.
  • You’re better off making your own snacks to control the ingredients. If you purchase options, like a trail mix, chances are, it will have chocolate bits or M&Ms in it. Make sure you watch portion control.
  • Choosing good combinations snacks, like vegetables and cheese or nut butter and fruit, can actually help you feel fuller than chips or traditional snack food. One study showed that people felt full and ate up to 72% fewer calories before feeling full eating the healthier protein/carb combinations.
  • Snacking has other benefits. It can help lower cholesterol, LDL and triglyceride levels. It also helps lower insulin and blood sugar levels.

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Yoga Poses For Stress Reduction

Yoga Poses For Stress Reduction

Many studies show that yoga poses for stress reduction really work. Like any exercise, they burn off the hormones of stress and can help improve your focus, reduce anxiety and boost your energy. Just like traditional exercise, yoga replaces stress hormones with endorphins that make you feel better. Just doing a few aerobic exercises or yoga moves for five minutes can put you back on even keel, providing anti-anxiety benefits for quite a while.

The breathing techniques, muscle moves and mental diversion bring benefits at your desk.

Just like regular types of exercise, yoga diverts your attention. The breathing techniques help divert your focus as you calm yourself with guided breathes. Stretching and moving your muscles, whether it’s yoga or not is a stress relief by encouraging the body to relax. Try the seated crescent moon pose at your desk the next time you’re stressed. As you sit, lift your arms above your head, palms up. Interlock your fingers, pushing your palms toward the sky. Lean slowly to the left, inhaling. Hold for a count of ten and exhale as you get back to starting position. Then repeat, leaning toward the right.

Do a child pose to get relief from stress.

Even a beginner can do a child pose successfully. Get on the floor or your mat on all fours, with knees and palms touching. Exhale as you lower your hips to touch your heals, your chest touching your thighs and your hands stretched out in front with your forehead touching the floor. You can bring your hands under your forehead or back down toward your side. It helps reduce stress, quiets the brain, benefits all systems and provides almost immediate relief in just a minute or two.

Cobra pose is good for relieving stress quickly.

Lay on your stomach with your hands under your shoulders, fingers pointed straight ahead and elbows close to the body. The tops of your feet should be on the floor. Press your feet and your pubic area down as you spread your toes. Exhale as you lift your chest and head off the floor, pressing your lower ribs down. Keep your shoulders lowered and back as you push your chest forward. Straighten your arms as you lift your chest off the floor, pushing your thighs down as you do. Keep your pelvis and feet firmly planted, extending your arms all the way. Draw your chest up as you push your shoulder blades together and hold thirty seconds, then slowly lower.

  • Try a seated backbend pose at your desk. Sit on the edge of your seat with feet firmly on the floor and spine straight. Lean forward, grab the back of the chair firmly. Inhale, lifting your chest and pulling your shoulder blades back for five to ten deep breaths. Release and repeat.
  • The uttanasana is a standing forward bend you can do anywhere. Slowly exhale as you bend forward, attempting to touch your fingers to the floor and press your head against your thighs. Hold for 8 breaths.
  • If you have a mat or place you can exercise easily, doing a cat/cow combination helps relax you. Start on hands and knees on the floor. With the cow pose, allow your belly to drop with head up. Move to the cat by lowering your head and arching your back.
  • Do a bridge to reap relaxation benefits and tighten your abs and glutes. Lay on your back, arms to your sides and knees bent with feet flat on the floor. Inhale as you lift your hips and trunk off the floor to create a bridge, squeezing your glutes and abs as you do.

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Can Drinking More Water Help You Lose Weight?

Can Drinking More Water Help You Lose Weight?

It doesn’t matter what your goal, at Thrive 24hr Fitness in Brookhaven, GA, we offer both specific and general advice to help you reach it. Do you want to lose weight? One of the things on your list of steps is drinking more water. It may sound too simple to work, but sometimes the simplest things work the best. Drinking more water, especially if you’re starting a fitness program that can work up quite a sweat, helps you stay healthier and more mentally focused, too.

Your body is composed primarily of water.

All your organs require water to function at peak performance. In fact, your body is approximately 55 to 65% water, with your brain and heart approximately 73% water, your kidneys 79% water and your lungs 83% water. You can understand how even slight dehydration could slow you down and make you less efficient when you workout. That translates to burning fewer calories. If you get exhausted during the day, you should grab a glass of water, rather than a cup of coffee or soft drink. It’s a quicker-picker-upper.

Drink more water, eat less food.

One important study found that people who drank water before a meal ate an average of 75 fewer calories than those who didn’t. If you only ate two major meals a day, that’s a savings of over 1000 calories a week, which means it could help you lose a pound in three and a half weeks with no extra effort. Drinking ice cold water can also cause your body to burn more calories.

Boost your metabolism when you drink water.

Just like boosting your energy level, drinking water can boost your metabolism by as much as 30 percent. That increase continues for an hour and a half. Just drinking about 8 ½ cups of water a day will increase the average person’s metabolism enough to burn an extra 96 calories. It’s another way to painlessly shed an extra pound in just five to six weeks.

  • The body is constantly sending signals to the brain and sometimes the message gets confused. In too many cases, the body confuses thirst for hunger. If you find yourself craving something juicy, like melons, or a frozen icy treat, you may be thirsty.
  • Drinking more water means drinking fewer soft drinks. Soft drinks contain about 100 calories per serving. Water contains zero calories. Diet drinks aren’t the answer, since they can add inches around your middle. Lose weight and inches with water.
  • Do you find yourself thirstier after drinking soft drinks. Some manufacturers use a marketing trick and add salt to the drink, then bury that flavor with extra sugar. Drinking the soft drink actually makes you thirstier.
  • The older you get, the harder it is to stay hydrated. Symptoms of dehydration in seniors vary, with mental confusion being one. Dehydration is often confused with senility in the very old.

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