Add An Inch To Your Biceps

Do you want to add an inch to your biceps? Does the thought of getting bigger guns make you want to workout harder? There’s no doubt about it, having bigger guns will make you the envy of the gym and the beach. It’s something most men strive to achieve. You don’t have to go through complicated process to increase your biceps an inch, but you do have to stick with a regimen and be consistent.

It takes dedication and commitment, but most of all, you need the right program.

While working with a trainer can be a big help, you can do it on your own. Start by working on your biceps, not just once a week, but two to three times a week. You can only build muscles by working those muscles. That extra tissue comes from the body repairing the fibers that were damaged during the workout. Even though you need to work those muscles more, you also need to give them extra time to repair, so make sure you have a couple of days between workouts for recovery.

Don’t worry about repetitions, work your muscles by going heavy.

Don’t go for volume, go for weight. Stick with ten repetitions but make them tough. You need to be straining to get the last of reps completed. Challenge yourself and lift heavier than you normally do. Even if you don’t get in the last few repetitions, the first six or seven will get the job done and mean you’re pushing your muscle to do more work than you’d normally ask of it.

Increase your intake of protein.

A great body starts in the kitchen and it shows when you’re trying to build muscle. In fact, many trainers believe that over 70% of your progress is determined by diet. You need protein to build muscle tissue, so it’s important to make sure you have adequate lean protein in your diet. Avoid sugary treats and trans fats at the same time. Aim for a gram of protein for every pound you weigh to provide the building blocks for those biceps.

  • You can modify pull-ups to focus on the biceps by putting your hands closer together with palms facing when you get into pull-up position. You can do it with just body weight, but if you want to increase the effort, add extra weight.
  • Experiment with different variations of the dumbbell curl, such as standing concentration dumbbell curls, decline dumbbell curls, lying preacher curls and open-palm machine curls. Using variations will help you target both heads of the bicep.
  • Don’t forget to work your triceps, if you want great guns. Close hand or triangle push-ups are great for the triceps. Use compound exercises to maximize the benefits.
  • Do your bicep workout when you’re fresh and not at the end of your workout. Use different variations each time your work them.

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